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Jeannette, PA, with its proud industrial roots and close-knit community, is right in the wheelhouse of Fire & Ice Heating and Air. We’re bringing heating, cooling, indoor air quality, and now plumbing services to the table, tailored just for Jeannette. Our team is ready to tackle everything from an old radiator to a new sink, making sure your place is as comfy as a seat at the local game.

Whether it's keeping things cool in the summer or warm in the winter, or fixing up a plumbing issue, we're here for you. You can count on Fire & Ice to keep Jeannette’s places in great shape, helping the town keep growing and staying comfy.

Jeannette, PA HVAC services

Love the air you live in, all year long


Servicing all types of furnaces, heat pumps, and boilers. We provide the services and products that you need to stay warm.

Air conditioning

Stay comfortable when summer hits. We offer extensive air conditioning repair, maintenance, and replacement services.

Indoor air quality

Allergies or breathing issues? According to the EPA, your indoor air can be 5x more polluted than outside air.


From water heater service to water filtration and drain clogging issues, we have your plumbing issues covered.

Excellent communication between Fire and Ice and myself. DJ was thorough and explained things well. I will be a repeat customer.
Fire & Ice came through and helped us out on a very hot Saturday. I texted them Friday night at 9:30, so you can not do much better than that. Mike was very nice and got the job done quickly, and we have AC once again!
Same day quick service, Tristan was professional and efficient,resolved the immediate issue and educated me on a way to make the furnace more efficient, we set up future services. Very pleased.